10 benefits of a positive growth mindset

10 benefits of a positive growth mindset

Mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone.
Mindset is everything about the way we preserve things around us.  It is our beliefs, attitudes and bias towards subjects, topics and actions.  Our mindset is the way we process information, thoughts and our experiences.  We can choose a positive or negative mindset.  A growth or fixed mindset.

A positive mindset means we are optimistic in our perspective and allows us flexibility to see different possibilities and steps needed to achieve our intentions.

A negative mindset is a focus on the worst outcomes and is limited in seeing new possibilities.

A fixed mindset is often constrained by beliefs and thoughts. Those will a fixed mindset will often believe people are born with special talents and every person has different abilities and intelligence that cannot get better with time, persistence and effort

A person with a growth mindset understands while people have special talents and that intelligence varies, it is also something that can be developed and increased with effort and hard work. A growth mindset takes joy in learning, seeking new information, creating new strategies, and taking inspiration from the world around them. These people embrace difficulties and challenges as a way to build new skills and grow. 
To create the business we dream of and to create success, whatever that means to us; we must overcome a negative fixed mindset.  Focus on the good and the good gets better.

Here are 10 benefits of a positive growth mindset:

1. You get to enjoy the process even when you are not good at it. Your enjoyment is in the learning and you are flexible in the outcome.

2. You stress less about being perfect.  You see the world as a learning opportunity and a place to always grow and improve.
3. You see failure as a learning opportunity and a space to grow.
4. You take responsibility for yourself and your actions, and don’t blame others when things don’t go ‘perfectly’.
5. A growth mindset helps you ask for help and surround yourself with people that inspire you, without feeling ‘less than’.
6. You jump out of your comfort zone and give things a go more often.
7. A positive growth mindset helps you understand that where you are now is not the final destination.  There is room for growth, improvement and more success ahead.
8. A growth mindset takes feedback constructively and is always looking to improve.

9. You are more confident.  You understand that where you are is perfect for you right now.

10. A growth mindset helps you feel empowered.  You know that your potential is unlimited and that you can learn anything, and achieve anything you want to create.


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