10 ways to have a great day

10 ways to have a great day


You know how some mornings you go to the local cafe to get your morning coffee, and some people are positive, smiley, and excited about the day; while others act like they got out of the wrong side of the bed and need to quickly get back under that duvet!?

We've probably all been in both camps on different days because life certainly throws things at us at times, and starting off the day in a good mood isn't a guarantee.  It is a choice that we can make.  Each morning we can choose how we want to approach the day.  If we start off the day with the right mindset; if random things do come at us, we can approach them with a more calm and considered approach.

If you are having your fair share of bad days, here are a 10 ways that can help you set yourself up for a great day.


  1. have a good nights sleep the night before
  2. set your alarm 30 minutes earlier so you have enough time to get ready without a major panicked rush
  3. eat a nourishing breakfast
  4. say 3 things out loud that you are grateful for (the shower can be a great place to do this)
  5. have your clothes loud out and snacks/lunch for the day, prepared the night before
  6. give the first person you see in the morning a compliment
  7. listen to music while getting ready in the morning
  8. make an effort in your appearance and wear an outfit that you love
  9. Do some light stretching or movement
  10. Choose to be positive!


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