28 Instagram content ideas for February...

28 Instagram content ideas for February...

Here are 28 content ideas for February! Follow in order or pick and choose as you like.

The content has been planned to have a good variety of content to keep it interesting for your audience whilst showcasing your products, your brand, and you.  
I have marked Saturday as a day of rest because we don't need to post everyday.  If Saturday is a great day for your biz, swap around the days but make sure you give yourself some time out.
February is going to be a month of wins for all of us and I've got you when it comes to Insta strategy.
  1. First day of the month. What are you excited about for February?
  2. Intro post. Share 5 fun facts about you.
  3. Showcase your most popular product or service & how it helps your audience.
  4. An on-brand image that gives you inspiration.
  5. A customer review or kind words from a client.
  6. Saturday - no post, stories only.
  7. Share an inspirational quote that your audience will love. Make it about Sundays or weekends if you like.
  8. Share a way you can use your product, style it, or how to put it in action (a teaching post).
  9. Talk about why you started your business.
  10. Talk about a product or service, share why it helps your audience and how they can buy.
  11. Share an inspirational image that reflects your brand vibe.
  12. Answer a FAQ.
  13. Saturday - no post.
  14. Share a review or client win.
  15. Talk about your favourite product & the inspo behind it.
  16. How did you decide on your biz name? Share the story behind it.
  17. Share a trend, styling, or industry tip
  18. Share a quote or meme your audience will love (make sure it aligns with your brand).
  19. What's the number one problem your product solves or what does it add to your customer's lives.
  20. Saturday - no post
  21. Inspiration image or no post.
  22. Monday - what are the plans for this week?
  23. Talk about a product or service.
  24. Share a behind the scenes story.
  25. Add value and educate. Show you're an expert in your category.
  26. Quote or inspirational image.
  27. Client win or review.
  28. Monthly wrap up! Share your thoughts on the month of February.

These ideas are general in nature so adapt to your specific business.  If you are looking for a unique content strategy for your small business, book in a 1:1 session and walk away with a plan that gives you clarity and confidence.

Lisa x


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