5 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Instagram.

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Instagram.


You may be making some simple mistakes on your Instagram account that are stopping you from growing and creating the successful business you dream of.

Correct each of these and gain some quick wins today!

1. Not being consistent: being consistent is the key to keeping your audience engaged and interested in what you do.  Share some stories daily and posts or reels 3-6 times a week.  Be consistent and stay patient.  Good things take time.

2. You don't know your niche:  I'm always talking about this but knowing your dream customer is a gamechanger

3. You don't have a content plan: every post should work together to share your key brand messages.  What is your product or service, how does it help your audience, why should they buy it?  How can you add value to your audiences life? Every post should be valuable to your followers.

4. Your captions aren't engaging:  your captions should share something so interesting that your audience wants to save the post; or share something that inspires a comment, or share something inspires action.  Write your caption like you are talking with a friend, not making an announcement to a group.

5. You are not posting at the right time: it does matter when you post.  Post at peak times for your audience and stay on the app for around 20minutes at the time that you post so you can respond to likes, comments and all engagement.

Have you been doing any of these?  

If you need some support in fixing these and moving forward in the right direction, check out my course Instagram. Made Simple.  I share all that you need to know to get your page up and running successfully.  I want you to succeed and grow the business you dream of.



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