5 ways to win with Instagram in 2021

5 ways to win with Instagram in 2021

I shared an Instagram Live this week with my Top 5 ways to win with Instagram in 2021 and wanted to share it here too so here goes…


Build a brand and not just a business.

A business is the products or services you offer.  A brand is the emotion, personality, and vibe that goes with your products and services.  

A brand creates connections with your audience. It creates feelings, emotions and includes your audience in what you are creating.

A brand helps you be known for something so that you become the first business that someone thinks of when they think of a product like yours.

Think of some of your favourite brands. Almost all of them go outside the realm of just what they create or offer. Maybe they offer inspiration, education, a feeling within you, or a community.

Our focus should be on creating a brand, not only the products we make or services we offer. Research shows that people connect with people and emotions, not products alone.

Here are some ways to build your brand:

  1. Create a cohesive brand look for your business. A set range of colours, themse and images that you consistently share
  2. Discover what you can be known for and showcase this
  3. Understand your key messages and USP’s.

Show up authentically as you

People love to know the face behind the brand because as humans, we connect with other humans.  We are naturally inclined to build connections with other people and we feel safer and more reassured when we have these personal connections.  When buying from a small business some people can be hesitant if they don’t know who is creating the product, where or how.

Show who you are and let people get to know you.  Let your uniqueness and magic shine through your page.  You don’t have to share your entire life, keep it business related and focused but let people see more than just the finished product.

I know its scary but I promise you, once you start sharing, you will notice a difference in your engagement.

Refresh your bio

Your bio is like your shop window or the sign at the front of your business. Make sure you share what you do and how you can help your audience.  You have about 2 seconds to inspire a new visitor to your page to hit follow so make sure you intrigue and excite them so they do.

The first line of your bio should be what you sell or offer.  This should be specific, clear and succinct.  Clearly tell your followers what you sell.

The second line should be why you.  What makes you unique and different, what is your authority in your industry.  Let people know what makes you great!

Then add a call to action. Share with people what they should do next.  Click to your website, DM for more, download a freebie.

Use content pillars

Content pillars are a great way to include varied posts on your page and varied messages whilst still sticking to the main key themes of your brand.

Include about 5 content pillars focusing on these 5 areas:

  • Your product (specifically share about your product or services)
  • You as the business owner
  • Where you get your inspiration from
  • Add value and educate (show you are an expert in category)
  • Reviews, user generated content (social proof – show that others love your product)

Once you have your 5 themes, simply rotate through them.  This keeps you on track with your messaging and makes it so easy to know what to post next!

Talk about your products

I know we don’t want to be too ‘salesy’ but if we don’t share about what we sell or how we can help people, they may never know.  Only about 10% of our followers see each post so we need to reshare the same messages regularly (why the content pillars strategy works so well!). 

As lovely as it would be for our audience to visit our website regularly and read through all of our content, it just doesn’t happen.  We have to put the information in front of them. 

Be proud of what you create and the secret to success is to not share the features of your product, but share the benefits.  Share how you can help your audience, the problems you fix or how you make their life better!  Share the positive, be inspirational and watch your audience get excited about what you have to sell.


If you find it a bit daunting getting this all sorted out on your own, I am here to hep.  I have a number of ways I can support you and your business from 30 minute Power Calls where we could clarify your USP and content pillars; or a Clarity Session where we can define a strategy unique to your business and I create a plan after the call for you to refer back to.  Check out more details here or just send me a message.


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