6 Tips to Reusing Content

6 Tips to Reusing Content

It’s totally okay to reuse good content that you have previously shared. It is actually recommended that you do. Why? Because it's a total time saver and it ensures more of your audience sees your content.

For anyone who knows who Gary Vee is…he reuses content all the time! In fact sometimes up to 10 times.

You spend a lot of time creating great content; styling and taking beautiful images, crafting valuable and helpful captions, thinking up with unique ideas to generate engagement.  You don't need to use this work only once and here is just a couple of reasons why:

  • Only about 10% of your audience sees your Instagram posts.  Re-share content to ensure that more of your audience sees it
  • People need to see something 7-10 times before they take action.  Keep reminding your audience of your key messages
  • We want to be time efficient which means getting the most out of every piece of content.

You do want to be slightly clever about it though, no copy and pasting. What you want to do is look into your insights and see which posts have performed the best. Then take these top performing posts and re-imagine them into something new.


Here are 6 ways to reuse good content:

  1. You can use images that have performed well again.  If you’ve posted a photo that got a lot of engagement, your audience will continue to love your post even if you reshare it.  You could crop or expand the image, add a different caption, or add a quote on top of the image in an app like Canva.
  2. You can add a throwback post. Remember TBT? Choose a great post from a while back and re-share it.  Let your audience know that you are re-sharing, just don't pretend its brand new
  3. Make sure you are sharing your Instagram posts to stories to reach more of your followers.
  4. Update a previous caption that worked well to include feedback, thoughts or questions you received after the first posting.
  5. If you use other platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest...then you can reuse your Instagram content that performs well on these apps too.
  6. Or share great content as a blog post, just as I have done here, especially if the content is educational.  Blog posts give you the space to really expand on your content with a greater word limit.  Share more and really support your audience.


Which tip was the most helpful for you?  Share in the comments or send me a DM via Instagram.

Lisa x

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