Are you waiting inside your comfort zone?

Are you waiting inside your comfort zone?


 COMFORT ZONES.   A big topic and something that's been coming up for me a lot lately, both within myself and in conversations with friends.

It’s so easy to stay comfortable. Being comfortable feels good, it feels safe and it feels easy.  Comfortable in our day to day habits, comfortable with our job, comfortable with our friends, comfortable in our beliefs. Sometimes the comfort doesn’t make us happy, but it feels safe. Our bodies are programmed to feel comfortable and small because then we reduce any risk to danger.  But what happens in our comfort zone?  Not much.  We sit still and we remain the same. Eventually we end up feeling stuck.

Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary and uneasy, but truthfully that’s where the magic in life happens. Taking the risks, taking the chances, following the intuition.  Nothing great ever comes from staying with your comfort zone.

I’m learning to step outside my comfort zone more and more all the time. I feel I used to be good at it.  I've travelled the world by myself, I've left jobs with no jobs to go to, I've taken up endless opportunities when they scared me - I did it all.  Was it scary?  Yes but I pushed that fear aside and took the opportunity for the adventure, excitement and growth it would bring.  But the last few years this has changed, fear has taken over and became too dominant. I don't know if this is from everything that has occurred in my life in the past few years or it's from the change of becoming a mama.  Now knowing I have two little people that depend on me, does change that go-get-it attitude.

But I want to gain my courage and confidence back.  I don't want to do crazy solo travel or jumping out of an airplane (already ticked that one off and highly recommend doing it once!), but I want to feel strong, and I want to grow and evolve into the best me.  The way to do this is to sit outside my comfort zone. 

So now I am working on this, I’m slowly pushing my way back up. Doing the things that I know will lead to my dream life even if they’re scary, or others don’t agree, or others have very strong opinions about it.  I'm taking baby steps, I'm being consistent in my actions, I'm listening to podcasts and reading books and doing lots of learning, I'm surrounding myself with other women who also sit outside their comfort zone.  Who we spend time with is so important.  Give your time and energy to those that push you and inspire you and help you grow.  If you are surrounded by others that are playing small and safe, do you think you are going to step up and grow?

Stepping up is where it’s at. I’m taking chances, jumping off and finding my wings as I go. I’m doing what’s scary but exciting for me.  I'm taking the steps and action no matter what others say.  I'm becoming more committed to my dreams than my comfort zones.  And you can too.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Create the life you dream of, find the courage and watch the magic surround you x

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