Are you using REELS for your business?

Are you using REELS for your business?


REELS?  Into them or not?

I recently did a post sharing my thoughts about Reels.... which is essentially, you do you!

As with everything in business; all the tools available are there for you to pick and choose from.  Choose what works for your personality, for your brand vibe; choose what fits in with your time and schedule.

If you love creating and are loving Reels then go for it and create to your hearts content.  For some people this creativity really lights them up.  For other people it brings them fear, dread and overwhelm.

I am not really talking here about not knowing how to do it and staying away because you don't have the 'how'.  You can learn anything if you want to.  And if you would love to create Reels or other forms of video but don't know how, don't let that stop you.  As with most things there are tonnes of tutorials and videos on google that share how to do it.  There are also now plenty of online courses you can buy that will teach you all you need to know.

If being creative isn't your thing and the idea of Reels doesn't excite you or bring joy to you, then hold off doing them for now.  Maybe one day the spark will arrive, or maybe it won't.

One thing I am really passionate about is making what you do uniquely yours.  I always say be unapologetically you and this comes to how you create too.  So maybe the Reels that you have seen of people pointing at words, dancing or jumping through transitions isn't for you; but maybe there is a different way.

Instead of looking at Reels as what you may have seen already, think about them as 30 second videos in which you can share, educate, inspire or entertain?  Maybe they are a chance for you to expand what you share in stories to something that stays on your page longer.

I have recently been experimenting with this.  Creating a few Reels that feel more like me.  That fit my brand vibe and personality.  There's no pointing at floating words, or dancing around because that's just not me.  But maybe some of the new ways I have found to create will bring benefit to my audience.

I have used Canva to create video's and added voice overs and music with the VLLO app.  It was pretty easy.  I have also created one or two through Reels on the Instagram app.  I quite like what I have created and they feel really me.  They are obviously not perfect - haha - but it was fun to do.  I have just posted these to my page.  Just starting.  Just experimenting.  Have a look if you like.  

My overall message is you don't have to do anything with your marketing.  Just because its the latest trend, you don't have to jump on it.  You do you.  You do what feels good and lights you up.

It's 100% your choice and YES you can still have a successful business on Instagram if you don't do ALL THE THINGS.

Lisa x







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