Here are 20 things to do more of in 2021

Here are 20 things to do more of in 2021

I created a blog post similar to this one in early 2020 and after re-reading it today I really wanted to share it again.

When writing the post in January 2020, I wanted to keep the year simple and slow.  I felt at the time so many of us were overwhelmed with all the talk of New Years Resolutions, Goals, Intentions and Visions.  And did you know that research shows around 80% of people are starting to give up on the goals set early January, by the third week of the month!  Crazy right! 

I feel part of this is rushing into goal setting early in the new year.  Which is why I always recommend starting your goal setting in December, or at least giving yourself time for the goal/intention setting process.  Give yourself time to let the goals settle and check in if they really are what excites and inspires you.  I shared about my goal and intention planning process in this blog post.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to set big audacious intentions for the year ahead but I also feel there is so much joy in simple and heartfelt intentions.

So for today, I am re-sharing some short, sweet and simple intentions for 2021.  Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!


  1. Love yourself more
  2. Spend more time in nature
  3. Do something that scares you
  4. Drink more water
  5. Laugh more
  6. Learn something new that excites you
  7. Immerse yourself in language - read, listen and talk
  8. Fall in love with your body
  9. Kiss your kids more
  10. Sleep more
  11. Wash your face every night
  12. Meditate daily
  13. Have fun - what brings you joy?
  14. Eat delicious, nutritious foods
  15. Spread more kindness
  16. Say yes when it's scary
  17. Say no when it's not a full body yes
  18. Invest in yourself - you are worth it.
  19. Add more love to your relationships
  20. Invest in your health


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