I'm Lisa, an Instagram Mentor

I'm Lisa, an Instagram Mentor

I love a post that shares more about a person I'm following.  It's human nature to build relationships, to find commonalities and things that we can connect on and to link arms together.  We are all wired for connection and to work together.

Have you shared a post about yourself on Instagram or social media? I'm pretty confident in saying it was probably one of your most popular posts!  We are all a little bit nosey right and enjoy seeing what's going on in the background.

We love to learn more about people.  It helps us understand more about where they have come from, about how they got to where they are now, how they can help us.  So, in saying that here is a little bit more about me, my background and how I got 'from there to here'.

I recently shared this on my Instagram page so you may have read it there.  If not, here is some fun facts about me.

✨I'm a solo mum of two young boys.
✨I live in Auckland.
✨Lover of coffee and doughnuts.
✨Love a good early morning sunrise.
✨I've worked in marketing and branding for over 15 years...
✨Event management & brand management in London; in Palaces, Famous Sporting Venues, and Luxury Homes.
✨Brand marketing in Dublin.
✨Marketing Comms in Sydney with premium top chefs, including a live tour with Jamie Oliver. I've managed product portfolios worth multi-millions.
✨I've worked in TV commercials, media, sponsorship, TV shows including Masterchef, digital marketing, competitions, promotions, and of course, social media.
✨I've traveled to 49 countries and was obsessed with travelling! Travelling brings us so much more than new cultures, new places to visit, and new foods. Travel gives us life skills that we don't learn anywhere else.
✨I used to be out every night, now I am a total homebody. A girl can change right?!
✨I’m obsessed with supporting small New Zealand businesses. I grew up in a local business so guess it's part of my DNA.
✨I love a good personal development book, astrology, human design & everything a bit woo-woo.  I'm all about manifesting, trusting in the universe and knowing everything is working out exactly as it is meant to.

I share all this so you know, that I know what I am talking about when I say I can support you and your small business. You can trust that I truly care about your business; about your success, and about you achieving your dreams.

If we have chatted in the DM's, you will know I will be your biggest cheerleader!   If we haven't yet had a conversation, say hello below; I would love to get to know you.

Lisa x

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