Investing in photography

Investing in photography

Professional photography for you and your brand.  Do you really need it? It can be an investment I know but my recommendation, is Yes.  For two reasons:

1. Professional photography quickly creates a high quality presence for your brand.

2. You will be more confident and comfortable in sharing photo's of yourself when you look amazing.

Now you don't have to spend thousands for these photo's, there are many options.  Book with a professional photographer, work with a friend who's skill is in photography and maybe exchange services or if you have a high quality camera, take them yourself.

It is absolutely worth the time and investment.  And the images will take you far.  You can use them for a few years and can crop and use different parts of the images at different times for a new look.  You can use them for social media, your website, any time you need to share an image for a collaboration, for media...the opportunities are endless.  And even if you are a product based business, you will always need to share images of yourself, so may as well make them the best you can.

I was lucky enough to work with Janine Fox Photography recently to take some stunning photo's of my boys and I.  Simple, honest, natural and real life.  I love them and here are some of my faves.









Janine is based in Auckland.  Visit her website or Instagram and get in touch for your next Motherhood, Family or special photographs.

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