Know Your Ideal Customer for Success

Know Your Ideal Customer for Success

Have you defined your ideal client? AKA your dream client, customer avatar or target market.

You want to define this 'person' down to absolute specifics. What is their name, their age, their gender, work position, family position, where do they live, what are they interested in, what is important to them. Why? Because the more closely you know + understand this person, the more you can create content that 'speaks' to them.

When you get this right, your ideal client feels heard + understood and they begin to resonate with everything you offer them. I know you are reading this and thinking 'but I have a range of people who buy my product is for everyone!'. This may be true...but if you try to create your content for everyone at, no-one is going to relate. If you try to talk to everyone, you actually talk to no-one.

A mum of two kids under 5 has very different needs/values/interests/day to day lives than a 25 year old career woman or a 60 year old grandma - although they may all love the jewellery you create.

So how do we create our Ideal Client?

Step One - create a persona for your ideal client based on every characteristic you know or can determine about them. To help you, you can base it on a real ideal customer you have, someone you know, someone you would love to be your ideal customer or even a character from TV or the movies!

Step Two - every piece of content you create should be talking to this specific person. Use their language, words they resonate with, stories that they can relate to, messages that mean something to them.


SECRET TIP: it makes creating copy much easier because you write like you are talking to someone so the words flow much easier. I have a free resource on defining your ideal customer which you can download from my website as extra support.

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