Sell the problem you solve, not the products you make.

Sell the problem you solve, not the products you make.

Don’t talk about the features of your product, talk about how it helps your customer!

As Richard Branson says “to launch a business means successfully solving problems”. It’s all about how you help make your customers life better, not the specific features of your business.

Get to know your customer + what their needs are, and then share how your products or services help.

Make it personal + specific because this brings in the emotional factor; and we all know that emotions sell.

Think about your products/services + start writing down all the reasons WHY customers buy from you. How do your products make them feel? Think about the stories behind your customer orders.

If you sell exercise bands, customers aren’t just buying the bands; they’re buying their desire to look + feel better on the beach in summer.

If you’re a hairdresser, clients aren’t just purchasing a hair cut; they’re buying confidence + a desire to look their best for their next date night.

If you create candles, customers aren’t simply buying a candle; they’re buying a moment to relax, a scent to make their house feel like a home, a gift for a friend who’s been through a tough time to know they’re thinking of them.

Why do your customers buy your products? 

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