The 4 goals of your Instagram post.

The 4 goals of your Instagram post.

You don't need to create Instagram posts 'just for the sake of it'.  If you don't have anything inspiring or interesting to share, you don't have to create a post.

And it doesn't matter if you only post once a week!  Consistency and quality are more important than quantity.  So it makes sense for each post to have a goal.

Instagram is a storytelling platform where you bring your ideal customer along the journey with you. Bring your audience into your world, create connections; and then when they have a need for what you offer, they will come to you first, to buy.

So this means your Instagram page isn’t about the hard selling, the conversion to sales comes in the DM’s or through your website.  Your posts should be about resonating with your audience so they want more.

Each Instagram post can have one of the following goals:

  • To add Value/Educate: Show your audience that you know your product, its benefits, and your industry. Highlight your expertise.
  • To Inform: Share your products with your audience + their benefits.
  • Share a Story: Share stories about you + your business. Create conversations + encourage engagement.
  • To Inspire: Encourage your audience to feel something + connect with your brand vibe. Share inspirational images, lifestyle images, quotes, meme's.

Once you have intrigued your audience enough that they want to be part of your brand, they will follow along and look out for your posts.  When they stay part of your audience, you have more opportunity to share and convert them from a follower to a customer.

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