The Four Things Your Small Business Needs

The Four Things Your Small Business Needs


Every small business is different but every small business needs these four things.  Spend time defining and refining these and you are on your way to success.  Not only will your audience know exactly who you are and what you offer, but you will remove so much of the overwhelm from yourself.

1. CLARITY: Know who you are as a business; know  exactly who your ideal customer is; and know what problem you solve or how you meet a customers need.  Within your content you need to 'sell the problem you solve, not the product you make'.  Be clear about how you can help people and make their lives better.

2. KEY MESSAGES: Know your 4-5 key messages and share them consistently and repeatedly. Build the know, like and trust factor and let people get to know you.  These messages are built around the content pillar strategy.  Not only does this strategy make it really clear to your customers what you do, but it makes it so much easier to know what to post every time.

3. A VIBE: What is your brand personality? Are you soft & feminine, are you fun, loud & colourful, are you natural & earthy? Are you all about motherhood? Are you all about sustainability? Define your vibe and stick with it so people recognise your brand as soon as they see it.  Again knowing who your brand is as a personality makes it easier to find content to post.

4. A GREAT PRODUCT/SERVICE: This speaks for itself.  Have a product/service that solves your ideal customers problem. Ensure it is high quality and consistent.  Know what your audience wants (through research), so you can create what they need, not what you want to create.  Listen and watch and refine your offers to meet your audiences needs.  Market research and listening to your customer is key. 


Spend some time on these four points and your on-going business journey will be smoother and more aligned with your target market.

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