I've been holding myself back.

I've been holding myself back.

To be honest I've been holding myself back.  Its easier to follow along what others are doing than to step out on your own right?! I always try to have a unique voice and I know a lot of what I share is different to many in the industry, but not different enough.  I certainly have more to share.

I’ve been pretty uninspired and bored by Instagram recently. I’m seeing more and more people sharing all the ‘must do’s’ on Instagram to be successful. People with strong backgrounds and those sharing their own experience from the platform.  And this is okay but there is so much the same, and so much that I don't believe is the truth.

And it’s not the ‘competition’ side that’s made me think. I feel as a small business owner you can be literally bombarded with ‘you must do this’ and ‘you need to this’, ‘why aren’t you doing this?’; when it comes to Instagram. If you’re receiving these messages all day and not doing these things, for any number of reasons, it’s going to make you feel pretty bad.

I truly believe you can make Instagram work for you. You can have a successful business without doing ALL the things. I dive into this in my 1:1 sessions but have only just touched the surface here.  I've held back many of my thoughts in fear that others won't agree.  But that is changing.

So your going to see a change of content. More tips on how you can make the app work for you. What actions really do work and which are just hype. More myths busted and content that is authentic, although maybe not common. Unpopular opinions maybe.

What I teach is based on marketing foundational strategies and adapted to social media. Because social media is currently the most cost effective marketing tool we have. But it’s just that, a tool, it’s not everything.  We want to use social media but we don't have to make it our everything, especially to the point that it is pushing us in a negative way.

I’m jumping into who I truly am and what I really believe. And I’m giving you permission to be more of yourself and do what feels good to you.

Follow along this exciting new path with me.  I feel it's going to really help you exhale.

Lisa x

Jul 18, 2021

Hi Lisa,
this post really resonates with me. I have been feeling the same way about Instagram posts, everyone is doing the same thing, and its getting boring. Which course are you doing which you would recommend me to start with? I would prefer to do one of your courses, rather than a one on one at the moment, for budget reasons, many thanks Libby


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