What do your brand colours represent?

What do your brand colours represent?

Colour psychology talks about how colour influencers our emotions, moods and feelings. You probably chose the colour of your brand because it is a colour you like, or you thought it matched perfectly with your products.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what each colour represents and some of the meanings behind them; and we can see if they fit well with your brand.

Pink: playful, compassion + feminine vibes. Attracting a female audience + great for beauty brands 

Red: high energy, bold + passion. Increases your heart rate, associated with strength + relationships 

Purple: royalty, spirituality + wealth. Works well for premium products and services 

Blue: trustworthy , calmness + reliable. Blue slows your pulse rate so is calming and creates dependability 

Green: health, nurture + vitality. A great choice for sustainable, fitness and wellness brands 

Yellow: happiness, joy, energy + creativity. Perfect for designers, creatives and playful brands 

Orange: vitality, fun, playfulness. Combines the joyfulness of yellow and the energy + boldness of red 

Black: prestige, value, timelessness: Creates a classic sophistication with luxury 

Brown: Earthiness, natural, durability: Speaks of earthy simplicity 

White: pure, clean, soft + fresh. Usually associated with medical or bridal brands 

Gold: elegant, elite, idealistic. Like black, gold symbolises prestige + luxury 

Grey/Silver: scientific, balanced, maturity. Often used in science and innovation

What do your brand colours say about your brand? Are they aligned with the feelings + moods you’d love them to create? 

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