What would you do if Instagram closed down?

What would you do if Instagram closed down?

Unfortunately you don't 'own' any of your audience on social media so if the apps went away, so would all of these connections, that you have worked so hard to create!  It's a hard reminder right?!  You've worked so hard in building up your brand and what if it just all disappeared in a flash.

The answer...

Don't rely on Instagram as your only marketing strategy.

Open up your areas of communication with your audience.  Create an email database because with an email list, you 'own' the details of your subscribers.

Here are some tips for growing + successfully using an EMAIL LIST:

1. Collect email addresses wherever your audience hangs out. Utilise your website with a 'lead magnet', social media, markets, marketing collateral, your packaging inserts, or in retail shop.

2. What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is essentially something you give away for free to people who sign up to your database. If you are a product based business a 10% discount or one time free shipping code would be well received. If you are a service based business, an ebook with free value or tips.

3. Emails can include direct links to your website or other platforms, to give your audience direct calls to action. On social media you need to direct your audience from a post to 'the link in the bio'. Every time you create an extra action for people, you lose some along the way. An email can include a link within a sentence.

4. You can share the details! On Instagram you have 2200 characters within a post or 1 minute within stories, to share your message. This means every message needs to be edited and simplified. And while you don't want to ramble on for ages ever, an email allows you to get across what you need to say in a few more words.

5. You can share multiple topics in an email. An Instagram post should be succinct, to the point and focus on one key message. In an email you can cover off 3-4 messages at one time.

6. Only a limited number of your audience actually see your Instagram posts. Often this can be only 10%. An email will go directly into the inbox of all of your subscribers. And yes some may miss it, or skip past it; but your open rate will be higher than your social media reach.

Collecting email addresses is a marathon not a sprint, it's not going to happen overnight but slowly you will build up your list.  Stay consistent and share good content and more people will join your list.

Do you have an email list already or is this something you need to get onto?  Let me know if the comments below x


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Dec 05, 2020

I do have an emailing list but don’t utilize I as much as I should be. This has been a great reminder that I should really start pushing it more & utilizing it more. Thank you.


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