Your Christmas Marketing Strategy

Your Christmas Marketing Strategy

How is your Christmas Strategy planning going? 

Here are some Top Tips to make this Christmas your Best Yet.

Tip one: Ask the Audience 

Have you asked your followers what they would like to see from you for the Christmas season?

A bit of market research always goes a long way. It's great to get the feedback from your followers but it’s also great for your engagement (more comments = more engagement = Instagram shares your post to more people); and you might discover a great new idea you hadn't thought of before.

Here are some questions to ask. You don't have to ask the questions outright but frame your content to discover the answers?

  • What products would your followers like to see this Christmas?
  • What gift bundles would they love?
  • How can you help them make shopping easier?
  • Do they prefer free shipping or gift wrapping?
  • When do they usually do Christmas shopping? November or December?
  • Is price off or a free gift more tempting to purchase?

Stories are a great place to ask the audience because you can use the engagement tools like polls & question boxes.


 Tip Two: Update your website 

Get into the Christmas spirit in more ways than one and update your website with Christmas imagery. The more you highlight the Christmas season, the more people are reminded that its time to buy gifts and gets them into the shopping mood. This is exactly the reason why the malls are decked out in Christmas decorations so early!

Here are some tips to set your website up for the Christmas season:

  • Is your home page showing your most popular Christmas products/services? (Side note: you don’t have to have Christmas themed products to be successful at Christmas, focus on your best ‘gift’ products
  • Does your leading message call out that it's time to shop for Christmas?
  • Create a Christmas Collection so all the best products for Christmas can be shopped with just one click.
  • Highlight the last order date for shipping, to create urgency.
  • Do you have special offers such as a Christmas Card included with each order? Call these out.

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