Your Christmas Marketing Strategy Part 2

Your Christmas Marketing Strategy Part 2

How's your Christmas Marketing Strategy going?  Here are tips three and four.  If you missed the first two tips, you can find them here.

Tip three: your Instagram Content 

Start adding in Christmas related posts on your Instagram now, get your audience excited!. I recommend changing your product Content Pillar to Christmas product from now up to Christmas Day.

Here are some tips to support your Christmas Instagram Content:

  • Share your best ‘Christmas’ products i.e those that make the best gifts. These don’t have to be Christmas themed, just great gifts.
  • Start sharing your offers early. It may seem too early but we know people need to see content 7-10 times before they make a decision to buy - don't leave it too late. I also feel people are going to start getting organised earlier this year, especially for the gifts that need posting.
  • Share your offers and promotions regularly
  • Use carousel posts to share colour options
  • Tag your products if you have Instagram shopping
  • Utilise the links in bio to direct shoppers straight to your Christmas Collection on your website
  • Post at your peak times (which you can find within your insights)


Tip four: Nurture Your Current Customers

Love on your current customers before searching for new followers. Your current followers already know + like your brand so why not place your focus there.

The next step is to build the connections and trust, so they move from followers to customers or clients. You’ve already supported these people and they’ve supported you, so they are the best place to start for sharing your Christmas offers.

Utilise email campaigns for your email list to thank them for supporting you this year and give them an exclusive offers or first opportunity at your Christmas exclusives. This is a little way to show your appreciation and encourage them to come back and order 

Christmas is getting closer by the day! Make sure you have strategies + plans in the pipeline.

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