There is something about palm trees...

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 I have a real love for palm trees and especially palm tree photography.  I don't know if it is the strength they portray or their tropical vibe, but I love them.  A few years back I came across this quote which has really stuck with me.  It was at the time I was leaving my relationship and my life was changing direction and I believe these words really represented how I was feeling at the time.  Perhaps this is where my love for palm trees came from...

'the strength and flexibility of palm trees is sacred inspiration to flow beautifully through it all and still remain gracefully standing'

Researching the meaning of palm trees they are said to symbolise victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.  They have also been known to mark the path home for hero's from battle, lucky to have survived, and now finding safety.


'May you never be too busy to stop and breathe under a palm tree.'



Advice from a palm tree:

Soak up the sun

Stand tall and proud

Remember your roots

Drink plenty of water

Be content with your natural beauty

Enjoy the view


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