Self-care for single mums

Self-care for single mums

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As a single mum, your self-care practices can easily slip down the daily to-do list.  But when you are the numero uno in your kids' daily lives, it is vital that we think about the importance of really taking care of ourselves every day.

As the saying goes 'You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first'.

Here are a few quick and simple daily routines that will keep you feeling good.


Make your health numero uno

It's simple really, if you are feeling low in energy, sick or unmotivated, you can not be the best mum for your kids.  Keep your health in check with nutritious foods, movement, and exercise, keeping stress levels down and making time to relax.  

Work on this daily, and do not feel guilty for it! Not only will you feel great, and have more energy to keep up with the kids, but you will become a great role model for your kids.  You want them to prioritse their health, don't you?  So why not show them how it is done.


Receiving offers of help with thanks

If you are anything like me, this isn't always easy to receive help, but when you do it, its so worth it!  Help can be anything from a friend or a family member taking the kids for a few hours so you can cross a few tasks off your to-do list, to someone offering to make you dinner, giving you a gift or running an errand for you. 

We are taught growing up how much value there is in giving, but we aren't always encouraged to receive. and receiving go hand in hand, they dance together.  The friend offering you help truly wants to help you (who would have thought!).  They will feel all the warm fuzzies when you accept their offer.  They are not offering the help because they feel sorry for you!

Allow this person to feel great about their actions, be graceful and kind.  Balance giving and receiving, and everyone will receive something special.


The chores aren't going anywhere.

I know we all wish the household chores would magically disappear overnight but they aren't going anywhere. don't need to feel that you should always to be using your kid or work-free time doing chores.  Yes, its vital that you keep on top of them as once they start to build up, overwhelm can set in, but it's also essential that you rest and restore your energy.  Don't feel guilty about putting them aside to do something for yourself.

Once the kids are in bed, finish you dinner, or do a quick tidy up and then take an hour to yourself to just rest and do something for you.  Read, listen to music, chat with a friend, take a bath, or do some light stretches.  Whatever you do, make it something just for you.  Then once you're done, prepare for the following morning (clothes out, lunchboxes and bags packed) so you wake up feeling organised and on top of things.


*btw, these tips aren't only for single mums!  They are for every women so please share if you feel they will help a friend x

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash


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