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Part two: Lessons from a toxic relationship

Part two: Lessons from a toxic relationship

 Lessons from a toxic relationship

Following on from my last post (if you haven't read it, check it out here). Here is part two of lessons learnt from walking away from a toxic relationship.  


6: You have little chance in trying to change others

The only person you can ever change is you. No amount of trying, encouraging, wishing or hoping will change someone else. People are who they are and we need to accept them in this way. If these people are not for you, then you need to choose to release them, let them go and move on. 

Focus instead on investing in yourself and being the best person you can be.


7: Forgiveness is good for the soul

Make a decision to forgive. Whilst this may seem an impossible task, forgiving someone doesn’t make their actions okay, or mean you will forget.  Forgiveness simply means that you understand and accept that the other person’s behaviour is their problem to deal with.  It is certainly not easy but forgiveness is a very freeing action, it allows you to release any hold this person had you.  Wish the person well, wish them nothing but positivity. 

Being able to forgive, gives you the chance to close off the chapter and move on to the next shining part of your life (even if you don’t know what this looks like yet.)


8: It wasn't a waste of time

Never regret.

Even if something happened months or years ago, it is never a waste of time and there is nothing to regret. Your relationship possibly started off good so you will have many highlights. Most likely, there were many moments of happiness and good moments throughout.  And even if you can’t recall a single highlight, you will have gained valuable lessons and new learnings about yourself, and life, that you will have with your forever.

It is often our darkest moments and deepest pains that allow us to really find ourselves and honour our true potential


9: Drama isn’t for me

You will develop an understanding of the level of drama that you will accept in your life.  This will be in relationships with partners, friends and family, work and everyday life. Your drama radar will be on high alert and you may find yourself running in the opposite direction when it goes off.

You will appreciate the small things more. The every day happy and joyous moments will become what you strive for and appreciate most. 


10: You’ll be drawn to opportunities to help others

You may develop a whole new level of compassion for others and want to help in new ways.  You will realise you aren’t the only person to have been in a similar situation and may develop an aspiration to share your experience and share your lessons. You do this in the hope of helping just one other person who may be in the same situation.


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Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


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