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Lessons I hope to teach my boys

Lessons I hope to teach my boys

Lessons I hope to teach my boys Lisa Buscomb 

Raw, wild, rough and tumble, warm, caring and loving; the life of raising boys.

I completely love my boys - they are exciting, fun, loving and exactly what I never knew I needed in life.

I always saw my future life as one with two sons.  It sounds a little 'out there' but when I was younger, I saw myself as a boy mama I could always visualise myself with little boys.  I never had a thought of being a girl mum, so weird but so interesting! And now here I am, a mum to two little boys, I am forever grateful that this dream become my reality.

 Motherhood is such a journey and single motherhood is even more of a ride!  The complexities are deep but it's such a great adventure.  I know we all do our absolute best when raising our kids and teaching our children; and I have thought about this a lot recently after reading up on raising children and the lasting effect we have on them. 

All of these new thoughts inspired me to write this list:  10 lessons I hope to teach my boys:

 1. Teach them love. Kiss them, cuddle them and tell them every day that they are loved; and let them tell me in return.  My boys are at the age that they love this and hope that this forever continues.  I am such an advocate for boys sharing their affection.

2. Teach them to be themselves.  Let them play whatever games, sports or activities that they choose.  Let them experience activities without limits. Let them get dirty, yell, run and be wild.  Let them be loud or be quiet.  Let them try any activity that piques their interest.  My role is to foster and support their curiosity, and to let them make their own decisions about what they want to pursue.

3.  Teach them about play. Play with them and be interested in the what makes them happy.  Listen to their wild imaginations and share in their crazy stories.  Sit and play Lego, or ball or shopping; everything and anything that lights up their little faces.  Let them know that play is a big part of life.  Help them to express their creativity.

4. Teach them that I have the same emotions that they do.  I will always share my true self with them, I won't hide who I am.  When I am happy and excited I will share with them; when I am sad I will share with them.  I want them to know I have all of the same emotions that they do.

5. Teach them that it's okay to hurt.  I want them to experience skinned knees and knocks; and other children that say mean words.  These painful experiences are part of the ups and downs of life; and after each experience we can talk through how they felt and what they can do the next time.  I won't shield them from life.

6. Teach them about kindness.  Show them how kindness can bring a smile to someones face.  Show them that not everyone is as fortunate as they are with.  Teach them that it's not what you say to people that they remember, but how you made them feel.

7. Teach them about money.  Show them how to save, spend and share.  Teach them that money is valuable but also flows in and out.  Show them that money comes from work, that sometimes we have to wait before we can spend, and about making choices in what we spend the money on.

8. Teach them manners.  Please and thank you will take them everywhere.  It is simple and powerful.

9. Teach them to respect differences.  Show them that everyone is different but we are all the same, and we should all be treated as equals.  They must respect others for their choices and who they are even if they don't agree.  They don't have to be friends with everyone but must respect everyone - this is simple kindness.

10. Teach them that I am always there for them.  Whatever they need, whenever they need it, I will be here to support, cuddle, love and help them through this journey of life.










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