About Lisa


Hey there, I’m Lisa:

Here’s the snapshot about me:

I love being able to support small business owners in starting, creating and building their dream businesses.  I’ve been there.  Having that business dream in your heart but not knowing how to get it out there into reality, or more not knowing if you are good enough, or if people want what you have to offer.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing women stepping into their light and starting the business they dream of.  We all know the power of social media and using Instagram to grow a business from home.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Maybe you didn’t grow up with social media.  Maybe using the app brings up all the comparisonitis, or maybe it’s just overwhelming.

I am here to show you that it doesn’t need to be this way.  And how to do it?  By being unapologetically you and creating a strategy and a way to use the platform that works for you.  I do this through 1:1 private sessions, online courses and ebooks.

I am really obsessed with small business.  I grew up in a small business that my parents still have today, almost 50 years later.  It’s in my blood..  I adore my community and love to help you succeed in whatever success looks like to you.  When I say I will be your biggest cheerleader, it’s not just marketing speak, it’s fact.  Just ask any of my clients.  And I have been privileged to have some of the most amazing clients.  Do you follow my Instagram @shoplocal.nz?  An Instagram page to showcase the amazing small businesses of New Zealand.  The waitlist is long and to date I have featured over 1,000 brands.  Be featured or discover new brands and businesses.

What’s my secret sauce?

I am calm, confident, and certain in that what I do makes a difference.  I have a calm and reassuring approach.  I meet you where you are at and support you with what you need.  There is no cookie cutter approach and there are no ‘must do’s’, I help you create a strategy that is unique to your business.

Outside of business I love being with my boys.  How good are children at showing you what really matters in life?!  I love to look at life through their eyes, their excitable energy and endless curiosities with the world.  In 2006 I left a toxic relationship with a toddler and baby in my tummy.  It was challenging but also amazing.  It was the best thing I have done.  It encouraged me to really own who I am and what makes me me - to stand in my light, to fall in love with my passions, and to celebrate my uniqueness instead of hiding behind it.  It’s been my biggest lesson.  And its lead me to here.  Sharing the same message with beautiful small business owners just like you.

If you’ve read to here and feel like I’m talking to you, then I can’t wait to do just that. Get in touch and let's chat. Let’s get your dream business growing and thriving, because I promise you it doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it is feeling right now.

Lisa x