My story

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Hey there!  I'm Lisa, a happy solo mama, with a story to share and a dream to create.

I created this space as my personal blog to share my single motherhood journey, and all that I learn along the way in navigating this path.

Leaving my own toxic relationship with a toddler and pregnant, I returned home to New Zealand.  Determined to live the life in my dreams and create a safe and happy home for my boys, I immersed myself in personal growth to learn tools, tips and strategies on mindset, self-love and how to navigate the new journey of single motherhood.  I now love to share the simple steps and tools that I have learned along the way in the hope that they may help one other women find the love for herself she truly deserves.

I have also created a range of statement tees as a tangible way to raise awareness and funds for charities working to support women who find themselves in domestic abuse situations.  Consciously curated with social responsibility, the bold statement tees are fun to wear, and a portion of every sale goes directly to charity.  Learn more about the charities we support here.

Every morning I want to wake up with a grateful heart, inspired + excited that I could be about to enjoy my best day yet.  I love to read and am pretty keen on watching the sunrise and enjoying the quiet of the mornings.  I'd choose coffee + ice cream in equal amounts and am obsessed with a beautiful surrounding in true libran style.

Thank you so much for being here.  I hope something I share helps you along your journey or if you know someone that may benefit from something I have to say please share my page with them.  Your are also welcome to sign up to my newsletter.  You will receive the link to my free ebook 'Love Yourself First' which has some simple tips on self-love.  I send fortnightly emails so I promise your inbox won't be exploding! 

Love + gratitude,

Lisa x