My story

Hi there, I’m Lisa.  A single mama, creator, writer, your personal cheerleader; lover of pretty pink flowers, coffee + sunrises. 

So, what's my story + why am I here? I grew up in a small business. Literally.  My parents owned a local retail store from before I was born so from the early days right up to when I left university, I spent a lot of time there… Sick days, school holidays, Saturday mornings…they were all spent sitting out the back entertaining myself with my brother, or lying on a made up bed under a rack of clothes.  I learnt a lot during the time spent there - the ups and downs, challenges + opportunities, the hard times and the good times.  I learnt about managing your own decisions, making your own choices, defining your business brand and being a 'jack of all trades'.  Today, my parents continue to run their small local store and one of my passions is giving back to them with all the knowledge and skills I have learnt in my 15 + years corporate career, by managing their online store and marketing strategy.

My career in the corporate world was in marketing + branding and I have to say it was amazing!  The brands, the products, the experiences, the friends, the travel.   I completed a Marketing & Human Resource degree at University and went on to work in a range of marketing roles.  Some I was the only Marketing Manager, other roles in a team of more than 10 Marketers.  I always had a team and loved to support others in their careers.

I have worked in small, medium and large International businesses in Auckland, Sydney, London and Dublin.  I've learnt so many tricks of the trade and industry secrets.  It's so good knowing how the 'big businesses' do it and then adapting it for a small business.

In 2016 I decided to change my life direction and take a new journey.  I left a toxic relationship with a toddler and a baby in my tummy; I returned home to New Zealand + focused more on a life as a single mama following my heart + passions. 

I started my own small biz with a collection of tees + hoodies  created to raise money for charities in the fight against domestic abuse.  You can support these women in need looking for a safe home here.  I know they thank you for your support!

I used writing as a form of self-care and crafted my journal, sharing my single mamahood journey, my words on self-love, my tips for a beautiful self-care practice, and other musings.  You can read some of my journal entries or find my ebook with 20+ tips + tools on Loving Yourself First.

With a long-standing passion in the small biz world, when COVID-19 hit I saw the impact it was having on my parents retail store, my brothers business + many friends around me.  To do a little part to help some of the 500,000 small businesses in New Zealand, I decided to put my expertise + knowledge in social marketing into practice.  I created the Instagram account, a free curated space to showcase many of the amazing local brands we have in the is country.  The account grew quickly to 5,000 followers within 6 weeks + 6,000 a week later.  It continues to grow day by day; and with the growth came many DM’s for information + support in creating an engaged well branded Instagram account. 

And then we come to here and my coaching business.  I created this business to give back all of the knowledge and experience taken from my career, in helping you in your small business.

I offer 1:1 coaching calls both Instagram specific and marketing focused.  These calls are adapted to your unique business, there is no cookie-cutter approach here!  They are 1:1 zoom or in person calls if you are in Auckland, where I get to learn all about your business and support you with advice, strategies and tools to give you clarity and confidence; and allow you to take your business further.

I also offer website support with the Shopify platform as I know creating websites are a true labour of love and when you are busy with kids, home, a family, a business - who has the time.  

So, that's me!  Thanks for being here + keep in touch.

Lisa x