Why 1:1 Coaching?


Lisa Buscomb


You’ve been feeling ready to take your business to the next level.

You want to grow your business, to create more; and you are ready to show up as yourself on social media

You dream of having that successful business that meets your financial goals. 

You dream of 'creating' all day because that is your happy place.

You dream of launching all of those new products/services that are in your mind but not yet a reality.

You dream of showing up as yourself on social media because you have had enough of hiding and you know the benefit of letting people get to know you.

But you are not sure how.  You are not sure of the exact next steps.  You’ve been following free trainings and taking in all the free tips from the internet, but you just don’t know how to action them with your business.  Because your business is unique.

That’s where I come in:

Through my 15+ years in corporate marketing, branding and business; I have learnt a thing or two.  I know about product launches, product management, branding and marketing materials, stock and pricing, customer service and loyalty programmes, surprising and delighting your customers, building an engaged following….all the things that your small business needs to.  I grew up in a small business and know what goes on behind the scenes.  I know there is so much that goes into running a small business and if you haven’t been there, you just don’t ‘get it’.  I get it.  I truly below that knowledge comes from experience.

@shoplocal.nz was created in late March 2020

just as New Zealand went into lockdown.  It is a place to celebrate and showcase small businesses.  I wanted to use my skills, knowledge and expertise in marketing and social media to help.  The platform grew quickly because there was a need for support and a desire to support local.  From there, I received many requests for more tips and support in the social media and small business spaces.  And that is how my coaching services came about.

I created my coaching services in late July 2020.  I saw many small businesses, including my family businesses, struggling with what to do next after 2020 changed the game.  Digital marketing and having an online presence became essential for business success.  People turned more to supporting local and buying from small businesses.  And people all around the world realised what was important in their lives.  That lives are to be a balance or business and family.

In a few short months I have helped almost 600 people with their Instagram for businesses.  Through 1:1 coaching, resources and my mini course.  I share daily tips on my Instagram page @lisabuscomb.social.  Are you following? Here are some of my favourite words from a few beautiful clients.

If you are you feeling that I could support you in your business journey, book in a FREE no obligation discovery call here.

I have two 1:1 sessions available to support you. 

The Instagram Clarity Session or a 1:1 Coaching Call.  In both calls we start with:

From there, the Instagram Clarity Session goes deeper into Instagram tools and strategies.  This booking also includes a 4 page personalised plan that summaries all the key takeaways from our call.  It also includes a Showcase Feature on @shoplocal.nz.

The Coaching Call goes on to discuss any topic of your choice!  You choose what we discuss and what you need the most support with.  Some options are:

After the call you will walk away with clarity and confidence about your business, you will feel supported and heard.  You will also have the tools and strategies to put into practice straight away.  You will be buzzing with ideas, inspiration and feel empowered to take your business forward.


If you are ready to invest in yourself, get in touch with me on email or on either of my Instagram pages.  You can book in for a FREE no obligation discovery call here. Let me know your questions or hesitations because what I know above everything else is that I am here to support you and your business.  I create my pricing in a way that makes it accessible for everyone that needs it.  I want you to take that next step to creating the business of your dreams.

Own your unique magic and let’s do this.

Lisa x