21 Days to Up-Level Your Business
21 Days to Up-Level Your Business
21 Days to Up-Level Your Business

21 Days to Up-Level Your Business

$79.00 NZD

You don't have to see the whole staircase at once, just take it step by step. 

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And I have broken it all down for you into 21 steps.  You want to grow and make some changes to your Instagram and marketing but you don't know where to start.  A course takes too much time, you're not ready for a 1:1; but you know now is the time.

Each day for 21 days I will cover one key part of the Instagram and Marketing story and include one action to take. Read the note over breakfast or when you first turn on your laptop.  You have the day to take the action.

Taking a small step each day will feel do-able and will be inspiring and motivating.  Small steps lead to big change.

I'm making it easy for you.   This is all of my content that I share with my clients but broken down into bite-size chunks.

Think of me as your accountability buddy.   Each day for 21 days I will share a tip, strategy, or piece of information that will support you in up-leveling your business. 

Each day comes with an action to implement because we don't grow without taking action.

Doing it all at once can feel too much.  Let's take it piece by piece.

The course will cover:

  • Instagram: all the basics of getting your Instagram up and running and making the account work successfully for you.  I'll cover off bio, content pillars, hashtags, stories, growing your following, engaging and more
  • Marketing: branding, knowing who your brand is and how to use this to your advantage, email marketing, communication, ideal customers, turning customers to followers etc
  • Websites: lead images and messages, product pages, sign-ups, navigation
  • Mindset: why 'you be you' is the number message you need in your business, copycats, goals, and intentions, staying in your lane etc..
  • And more

It's everything you would learn from my online course or a 1:1.  And I know you’ll come out of the 21 days feeling renewed, refreshed, and inspired.

So how does it work?

  • You will receive an email every morning for 21 days.
  • The emails will be short and simple but impactful
  • Each day will come with an action
  • I recommend taking action each day but of course, you can save the emails and read them at a later date
  • I love using emails as they are easy to access, no log-ins needed - each email you can read over your morning breakfast or at the start of the day; and you can easily save to refer back to later.

The first email goes out Thursday 29th July!

Payment plans are available via bank deposit.  LAYBUY available.