Be authentic

Be authentic

"Authentic: [from undisputed origin] not a copy, genuine”

When creating your content, be you; use your words, let your authentic unique personality shine through.

You do not need to be anyone else.

You do not need to be a better copywriter, funnier or ‘look better’ in photos...

People follow you because they want to get to know ‘you’, they want to follow ‘your’ journey. They love what is unique to you, they resonate with it and that’s why they are there.

You can look for inspiration around you but don’t copy and paste someone else’s style. Do you know that when you do, people actually notice!?

It can be hard to stand up and own who you are but I promise you it makes a difference in your business. It's the little things about you that set you apart from everyone else. Your business probably isn't unique (you sell candles? so do lots of people!), so it is you as the business owner that makes your business different.

Pro Tip: not everyone is going to like you! And that’s okay. Because you don’t resonate with everyone either right?

Own who you are in your words, with your style; it’s the best thing you can ever do for your business. It’s your superpower.

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