Wholesale & Custom Prints

Do you do wholesale orders for the prints?

Yes I do!  Please email me at hellolisabuscomb@gmail.com and I will send you through the order form and pricing.  


I would like to do a bulk order, do you do special pricing?

Yes I do!  Please email me at hellolisabuscomb@gmail.com with your enquiry and I will send you through the pricing options.  I have sold prints to be included in goody bags, gift boxes, delivered to special clients and more. 


Do you create custom one off prints?

Yes I can write words exclusively for you.  For you personally or for a business.

Would you like a special message for a loved one to symbolise a significant moment in their life.  Maybe your daughter or son is heading off to university, maybe motherhood is just around the corner for a dear friend, or they could be moving into their first home.  Maybe your teenager needs some special support for a goal they are achieving.  You can send me details of the message you would like to share, and I will write an original piece exclusive for you - created into an A4 print.  

Or maybe you are a brand and are looking for a custom piece for your business.  A special note for your customers or clients?

For any enquiries, please send me an email at hellolisabuscomb@gmail.com with the details of what you are looking for and we can discuss the options.

Lisa x



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