About Me


I write for women and mothers with dreams and a little self-doubt. Words of inspiration to wrap you in a warm hug. To empower, inspire and support you everyday. Words to create positive and uplifting spaces to surround yourself in. Wild words to remind you to be unapologetically you. Words of empowerment; and quotes of affirmation. Give yourself permission to live an empowered life; because the greatest part isn’t arriving at a destination, it’s the wild road that we travel along the way.



In 2020, after a 15 year global career in marketing, I created the Instagram page @shoplocal.nz to support the local businesses of New Zealand, and started my business as a marketing mentor for small business owners. Through my 1:1 sessions I quickly discovered that women didn’t need more social media ‘how tos’; they needed support to overcome self doubt, and foster belief in themselves and in what they have to offer.

Every day, I found myself coaching my clients to stay true to who they are, follow what feels good, reject society’s messages telling them who they should be or what they should do, and trust in what they want to say.

So I began intuitively writing original and empowering messages for business owners, mothers and women and sharing them on Instagram. Beautiful daily reminders that you are amazing, that you are doing so well, that what you are experiencing is a season not forever, that you can achieve anything you want and you are wildly deserving of your dreams. 

Today you will find me writing empowerment prints, supporting small business owners with Instagram and marketing, inspiring creatives to share on Instagram; and supporting local businesses.

The best way to follow your dreams is to simply get started, even if you can’t see the whole path.

Forge your own path and trust in the everyday magic.

Lisa x