Content pillars are your best friend

Content pillars are your best friend

Content pillars are your best friend when it comes to Instagram strategy and knowing what to post. 

Content Pillars or aka themes, are the strategy of what type of content you will post on your account.

Here is why you will change your world when you follow a content pillar strategy:

  • It communicates consistent messages with your audience on a regular basis
  • It brings your audience on a journey through your biz
  • It helps you create content that your audience resonates with
  • It makes knowing what to post each time easy
  • It saves time!

What you want to do next is to define around 5 key messages to share with your audience.

Here is what you should focus on:

🖤 it’s important to share about the products you sell. People can’t buy if they don’t know what you offer (don’t assume people will go to your website)

🖤 it’s important to share about you

🖤 it’s important to share your expertise + knowledge🖤 it’s important to share client love or testimonials

🖤 it’s important to inspire others and share your brand vibe.

You need a good variety of messages but at the same time, each pillar should work together to share one overall brand story.

Create a post under each pillar one after the other and then repeat, repeat, repeat.

So, you’ll know exactly what message to share with each post, easily be able to plan, and it saves a lot of time.

If you would like some helping in creating a content pillar strategy that works for your unique business, book a 1:1 call.  Let's make life easier for you x

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