Defining Brand Colours

Defining Brand Colours

Let's talk brand colours.

Instagram is a visual platform and potential followers are looking for pages that look great, whether we like it or not.

When a potential follower comes to your account you need to capture their attention + inspire them to stick around!

Creating a stunning + aesthetically pleasing page is how you will turn your followers to customers + clients. It will probably be their first touch point (and therefore first impression) of your business.

The first step to creating a cohesive page is to define 3-4 core brand colours that represent your brand. You may have these colours already from your logo, packaging, stationery etc; or you can select three colours that fit with your brand personality. Look for inspiration from Pinterest, other Instagram accounts, colour psychology or colours that you are really drawn to. Think about the messages you want to communicate, your brand vibe + who your audience is.

The website is a great resource for defining a specific colour palette for your brand. All you need is an image that perfectly represents the colours you’re choosing + the website does the rest.

Once you have your colours, every post should include at least one of these colours. Every image does not have to include all of the colours. You want these key colours throughout the page so a followers eye is drawn to the pops of colour, which makes everything look cohesive.

Now I know many of you are thinking "I multi-coloured products, it's not possible to select only 3-4 core colours". But trust me, it is certainly possible. Some ways you can do this is:

  • select 3-4 colours and be creative with your photography by focussing in on the core colours only
  • always have the core colours as the front image + include other product images behind in a carousel
  • always photograph on a white background so white becomes a core colour
  • use the same template for all graphic posts and create a pattern in your grid (i.e graphic every 4th post) to create cohesiveness.
  • photograph all of your products in the same way and use the same filter.

By including the core colours consistently within your feed, your account will become cohesive, authentic + recognisable as your brand.


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