Share the face behind the brand.

Share the face behind the brand.

Show the face behind the brand.

Whilst this can feel slightly uncomfortable, weird or unnecessary if you’re selling a product or’s an essential step to growing an engaged social media following for a small business.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1.People are essentially nosey so they like to know who is behind a brand. They like to know who is writing those messages!

2. Showing who you are humanises the brand + gives your brand more personality.

3. People connect with people. People build relationships with other people not products. You can build relationships + an engaged following by showing who you are.

Here are some ways to do this:

  • tell the story of how the business started.
  • do a Meet the Team series
  • share 5 facts about you
  • share your biggest business lesson
  • share some behind the scenes stories
  • every photo doesn't need to be a closeup of your face. It could be from a distance or over your shoulder of you working.
  • share your daily work routine
  • share about how orders make you feel
  • share what you are excited about

Pro Tip: you don’t have to share your entire personal life. You can show who you are + keep it professionally focused

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