Three productivity boosting hacks.

Three productivity boosting hacks.

Do you struggle with procrastination and productivity?  If this is you, know that you are not alone.  I know we are all different, some of us struggle to get ourselves going in the morning while others, like me, struggle with the motivation in the afternoon.  My work day pretty much ends at 3pm because any time after that the work I do is completely unproductive and I usually end up redoing it again the next morning.  I would much rather get up at 5am and work than late in the day.

But, we all want (and need) to get stuff done.  This is essential if you have a small business from home, and a family or other things that demand our time.  The work isn't going to happen by itself and we can't call in sick and wait for a colleague to pick up that tasks.


Here are three little tips to help you get motivated, and stay motivated all day!


Have a morning routine

A morning routine sets you up for a day of success.  Do you have a routine to start your day? Starting out with a routine and a set of actions, sets you up for a productive day ahead (no laying around in bed or on the couch for hours after waking).  A morning routine creates the right energy and mindset for a great day.

The key to a morning routine that works is to keep it flexible. If you are anything like me, with two little kids looking for cuddles and feeding when they wake up, it can be tricky to stick to the exact same times and routines each morning.  So flexibility for the win.  Choose a routine that makes you happy and works towards your personal goals.  

Some idea's for activities to add to your routine include: journalling, reading, warm water with lemon, a nourishing breakfast, stretching, meditating, a cold shower (yes cold!), wake up at the same time everyday, drink a large glass of water, get dressed into smart clothes (essential also if you work from home - no pj's all day), make your bed.  Pick and choose from these or anything that feels good for you.  What is important is that you do it regularly and turn it from a routine to a habit.


Create a To-Do list

 There are always many thoughts about to-do lists.  Some love them while others say get rid of them all together.  I love them for the fact that they remove information and details from my mind, and put them down on paper.  This means I create space in my mind for dreaming, creating, focusing on aspirations and goals and for fun times with the kids.

I write my to-do list the night before and include everything that I would love to get done the next day and I 'star' the priority must achieve items.  The next morning I do some of the easiest quickest jobs first - just because there is so much satisfaction in ticking things off and I find it super motivating to continue through the day.  Then you just keep going.

Do you know when your peak productive time is?  I am definitely a morning person and love to work early and notice I slow down after lunch.  I know lots of you are the opposite, working well in the afternoon and into the evening.  Take these parts of your personality into consideration.  You want to work when you are in flow, and not forcing it as much as possible. 


Stay hydrated and eat nutritious meals

We all know the benefits of drinking water through-out the day.  Not only does our body need it to remain healthy and hydrated, it also keeps us alert and awake.  Have you ever noticed when you are thirsty you just can't concentrate?  Have a big bottle of water with you through-out the day to sip on.  The easier access you have to it, the easy it is to keep up the water intake. 

Make sure you eat wholesome meals during the day too.  Take care of your body and it will take care of you.  A great start to your day is a wholesome healthy breakfast.  You will need the sustained energy to get through the morning activities and you don't want to be reaching for a snack within an hour of breakfast.  I love a smoothie everyday - it's quick, easy, healthy and so delicious.  I jam pack my smoothie with nutritious ingredients like fruit, almond milk, good fats (avocado) and nutrient dense protein powders.  


Do you have any great productivity boosting hacks?  Let me know in the comments x

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