The 5 key tips to manifesting.

The 5 key tips to manifesting.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is such a ‘trendy’ conversation and has definitely seen a rise in popularity.  Some people love the process while others think it’s a whole lot of woo-woo BS.  Whatever you believe is completely okay.  But it is something I am totally in to.  I also love astrology, crystals and following the moon phases.  Give me something a little woo-woo and I am all over it.

If this is your kind of topic too then read on.  I want to share my thoughts around the manifestation process.  I have read a lot of different ideas and ways to manifest.  As with anything there are lots of points of views and different processes to follow. I have read them, pulled them apart and put it all back together in a way that was easy for me to understand, easy to add into everyday life and easy to see results.  Which at the end of the day is what we are all looking for right.

But before we start, what is manifestation?

In simple terms manifestation is seeing a thought become reality.

To me it is about living an empowered life.  Living a life where you know what you want, you take actions towards making it happen and believe it will become your reality.  It is about being an active creator in your own life.  We are all manifesting all of the time but it can often be unconscious, so when you make your thoughts conscious about the things that light you up and that you want to create, then incredible things do happen.

Manifestation is living an empowered life.

Here are my 5 key tips to manifesting:

1. Have clarity around what you want to create.  You have to know what your rich dream life looks like.  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  You have to know what lights you up and what you want to be, do and have in your life.  Get really clear about this.  And focus on feelings and why you want things, not just a material object.  If you want a car, why do you want it?  Is it safety, luxury, space or convenience?  Knowing the why behind your desire will take you a long way in making it happen easier.  Start visualising and dreaming of the things you want to have in your life.  Fill your minds with positive, happy and exciting thoughts.

2. Declutter. This is decluttering physically and emotionally. Clear out your physical space and remove all of the things that you no longer want or need.  Clear out the things that don’t align with the next level of your life you are creating.  Clear out the things that aren't part of your dream life.   Clear out your limiting beliefs and the thoughts inside of your mind that are telling you that you can’t have what you desire.  Re-write those stories.  For example, if you are telling yourself that you can’t start a new career because you are too old.  Why not?  Who said?  Of course you can start a new career at any age.  If you are telling yourself that someone like you couldn't write a book.  Why not?  Who said?  Of course you can write a book.

3. Take inspired action. Take steps to start towards your goals. What is one thing you could do today that would take you closer to your dream?  If it is starting a business, could you create a one page business plan.  If you want to move house, could you set up a search request on a real estate website.  If you want to feel healthy, could you go out for a walk?  Whenever you have thoughts of small actions that could take you closer to your goal, do it.  Don’t worry if it seems weird or you don’t know where it could lead.  Trust that all the little steps will lead to the big leaps.  Be in momentum.  Small actions start rolling, standing still will never more you closer.

4. Believe that it’s possible for you and surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to achieve. We know we are so influenced by those around us so make sure you surround yourself with people who are positive, uplifting, supportive and already doing what you dream to do. Follow these people on social media, meet them, take to them, be in their space and learn from them.  These people show you what is possible.  And what is possible for them, is possible for you.  We all have limitless possibilities.  They are no different to you.  Truly believe that you are wildly deserving of everything you dream of.  Surround yourself in positive words and positive affirmations that you can repeat daily.  Daily affirmations will over time turn any negative belief into a positive one.

5. Release the how and when. One of the hardest parts of the manifestation process, I believe, is in releasing the how and the when. You don’t need to know how the things you want will become reality.  You just need to believe, trust and know that they will.  In the end, they may look different to how you imagined it.  And when your desire becomes reality, it may not happen in the way that you thought, but it will happen.  Release the timeline that you have created and know that everything will happen at the right time.  You can put a lot of pressure on yourself to know when things will happen but this needs to be let go.  Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey, have fun along the way and when the manifestation appears (which it will), it will feel much sweeter.

Lisa x 


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