Find your empowered voice.

Find your empowered voice.

Do you have a message on your heart that you love to share?  Is there something that you are really passionate about that you want to talk about? Is there something in particular that you just love, that lights you up, and brings you joy - and you want others to know about it too?

But do you find sometimes you hold yourself back because there are other's out there sharing the same message and you believe you're 'not as good'? Or do you feel that everyone has already heard it all before?  Or maybe you feel like no-one is listening and you're just speaking into blank space when you do speak up?

Here is what I want to share with you today...

Know that you aren't alone.  I've had all of these thoughts and I believe so has EVERY OTHER WOMEN. Because this is so common.  Our natural human instinct is to stay safe.

To stay safe, we need to stay small and quite.  Think of an animal in a jungle.  When they are loud and proud, other animals can see and hear them which can put them in danger.  When they are quiet and hiding, they are 'safe'.

But life isn't all about being safe.  Life is about living.  It's about sharing your unique personality.  It's about showing up and being proud.  Great things happen when we share and show up.

What if by sharing your message you helped someone else who was struggling in silence.  Or what if by sharing you found a new community full of support.  Or maybe by sharing you release some of the thoughts and worries from your mind and can finally breathe out.

What I have learnt is there are always people out there waiting to hear your specific message, directly from YOU.  Do you feel like your message has been said before? 

What I want you to know is that there is something special about you that connects with other people; and whilst people may hear the same words from others, nothing may resonate with them until they hear it from you.

We are all unique and have our own superpowers and individual way of expressing ourselves.  It is this uniqueness that connects us with our tribe and helps others hear what it is we want to say.

Maybe you want to share about your interests and passions, your business, your family, your story, challenges you have overcome or travel you have experienced.  Whatever it is, share it, and enjoy sharing it.  Your story and your message will help someone in their life. It could be part of their survival or help them to step into their dreams, or it could offer a lesson they have been needing to hear.

So don't hold yourself back, go forward and share from your heart.  Be unapologetically you.

Lisa x 






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